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Product Line

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Analyzers ABB – Chromatograph
GE – Aurora
YZ – DynaPak
Envent Technologies – Analyzers
Ball Valves KMC
QuarterTurn Resources
Closures Yale
Control Valves and Instrumentation CVS Controls
GE – Becker
Electronics Eagle Research
Filters and Strainers PECOFacet
Green Country Filter Manufacturing (SAFECO)
Gauges Cecomp Electronics
McDaniel Gauges
Heaters Catco
OGI Process Equipment (TERI QuikWater)
Measurement GE – Roots Meters
Sick, Inc. - Ultrasonic Meters
FLEXIM – Clamp On Ultrasonic Meters
Meter Lubrication YZ - Cyclone
Needle Valves R&M Energy Systems
Odorization Odor-Tech
YZ Systems
Regulators BelGAS
GE – FlexFlo
GE - Mooney
Safety Relief Valves Flow Safe, Inc.
Fiberglass Shelters (Buildings) Shelter Works
Weather Caps Raincap Industries
Scientific Linings & Coatings
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