Welker possesses over 80 patents and continues to design, develop, and manufacture solutions for the natural gas industry and beyond.

Welker designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the energy industry and beyond. With decades of experience and dozens of patents, Welker offers solutions in sampling, conditioning, filtering, regulation, injection, containment, and control.



The high-quality natural gas filters manufactured by Welker are designed to filter and dry natural gas to prepare it for use as an instrument supply. As natural gas flows through the filter, the proprietary blend of filter media removes the targeted contaminates, conditioning the gas for use by downstream instrumentation.

Natural gas is naturally colorless and odorless. The distinctive rotten egg smell associated with natural gas is actually the result of odorization, which became federally mandated after the tragic 1937 New London school explosion. Proper odorization is required so the public can detect and report gas leaks well before the natural gas reaches dangerous levels. How natural gas is odorized is dependent on many factors, such as the application, location, and flow rate of the gas. Welker OdorEyes has a diverse catalog of solutions and accessories to cover this broad spectrum: injection systems, pumpless vapor injection systems, diffusing probes, exhaust filters, spill kits, and more.

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